About Klima

Expo & Conference

September 29 - October 2, 2022

Inspired by artists taking action on UN Sustainable Goals, Klima Expo and Conference 2022 is presenting a new perspective through art on people, planet, and climate change.

This experiential event is a collective exploration of the impact of climate change on the planet and the human race. It is meant to start conversations, raise awareness, and connect artists, scientists, government institutions, non-profit organizations, businesses, and the general public around climate action.

Experience our planet through artistic expressions.

Our goals:

  • Raise awareness on climate issues through art, science, and collaboration
  • Celebrate the beauty of our planet and show how human-driven climate change is impacting our home
  • Discuss immediate action
  • Connect climate activists and pioneers from all areas - businesses, non-profits, artists, scientists, governments
  • Offer people an incredible experience with a long lasting impression

Klima Expo and Conference coupled with its on-going initiatives such as involving schools in climate action conversations is a platform that engages all players, from artists and activists to governments, non-profits, and businesses to collaborate and drive public dialog and action.


Klima brings together global artists, arts organizations alongside governments, corporations, foundations, and nonprofits to look at climate change through art and the artists' lenses. The world's most immediate and pressing issue cannot be ignored and needs new thinking. Join us and experience the artists' views and expressions of climate change. Our goal is to build awareness and more action to save our planet.