Klima Expo & Conference

September 29 - October 2, 2022

Klima Partnership

Klima looks to partner with governments, companies, arts organizations, foundations, nonprofits, and institutions that share our common interests in, and are committed to taking action on, Climate Change.

Since Climate Change is a global issue affecting our way of life, the responsibility lies on us all to do our part to ensure a future on Earth. Nothing in this world matters more than correcting the damaging impact we impose on the environment.

Partner Benefits

Partnering with Klima shows your commitment to saving life on our planet, and your organization’s efforts towards climate change. What better brand association is there than expressing your societal interests in saving humanity.

In addition, partners will enjoy privileged access to the expo, display booth space, access to our Partners’ Lounge, intimate access to the artists, exhibitors, conference speakers, and VIP Members. Other benefits are listed with the various opportunities outlined below.

The Klima Team is ready to support our partners’ goals and is open to discussing personalized sponsorship programs with you. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a call.

Partner Opportunities

Review the Sponsor Prospectus for the various partnership opportunities that Klima offers. Please contact us to discuss a personalized partnership idea.

Klima Partnership


Klima brings together global artists, galleries, museums, arts organizations alongside governments, corporations, foundations, and nonprofits to look at climate change through art and artists' lenses. The world's most immediate and pressing issue cannot be ignored and needs new thinking. Join us and experience the artists' views and expressions of climate change. Our goal is to build awareness and more action to save our planet.